Meet Kirana - Kirana Haag

Meet Kirana



Kirana Haag’s dream and work on earth is to bring love and beauty through art. Art is her tool to make visible what is often invisible: the fine web of divine love.

When you meet Kirana, the first things that you will notice are her big heart, her intellect, her colour stained hands and dirty feet, she is more comfortable in the isolation of the desert than the city.

Painting is for Kirana a physical and ethereal process, a fast and strong dance with light. She has been referred to as a midwife of dreams; a light dancer.

Kirana is clairvoyant and clairsentient, a channel with a paintbrush. Each of her artworks holds a specific energy. Her connection to the spirit of the land and sky and sea is ever present in her imagery. Each creation is a transformation of emotion, feelings and passion into images of beauty and light.

Look again, look much deeper and feel, for this is where the magic of her artwork lies. Let your mind wander and dance and swim in the pools of the emotions she creates.