At first my steps are slow and hesitant, I don’t really know the way, I can only feel it. I can feel it in my heart and there it is clear, in myself I have already walked this path. I have heard this call to walk for a long time, but it never seemed right, or maybe I was never brave enough.

Tonight though the call is urgent, I need to go right now without delay. So I am walking, taking one step after the other, my mind trying to make sense, going in circles, my heart skipping and sometimes missing a beat, then restarting in a new rhythm.

It is dark and I cannot see much, the bright flowers from the day are reduced to subtle shades, moving with the soft wind of the night. I can hear the night birds calling, gentle calls of recognition and belonging. They are calm. It seems they know what is about to happen. I keep walking, more sure now, getting used to the way, to the rhythm of my feet and the irregularity of my heart.

Nearly invisible first, but after moments of wondering I am becoming sure, there is a light, an opening. The silvery light of the moon becoming visible.

Now I am running, my heart so fast. I am here. There are you. It is you!

Mixed media on Belgian linen, 122 x 195 cm, POA.