Art has been used throughout history and by our ancestors for healing.

Art can be used on your body or you can lie on art or be wrapped in it for healing.

When a child is sick there are also in addition to the illness many other distressing aspects to this situation, such as high tension, separation, fear…..

Art can help the child stay connected to their family when they are away from home. The child can have a small artwork to take with them when hospitalised.

People spend a lot of time in waiting rooms and impersonal bland places when there is somebody they love in hospital. Imagine if there was a shared room with beautiful colours, soft cushions, arm chairs for leaning into and well chosen artworks in the hospital.

Imagine the colour you would use to describe that room. What colours would this room have for you? That is the base for the artwork you are looking for.

When you visit your child you can take your child “to this room” by having a small version of the artwork with you, having it next to their bed and sharing their favourite meal or drink with them.

Or if a room like that actually and physically exists in the hospital, your child’s artwork can be part of the big artwork in hospital. Where that is not possible, it could be small artworks that can be taken with them to their bed that carry the same feeling.

The same can be created for a disabled child you are caring for at home. A room/space that is their sanctuary or where you can go together and come back to your centre.