"Moments of Silence", 152 x 98cm, acrylic on linen


Kirana Haag is a unique artist based in Sydney, Australia. Kirana’s art is unique in that each artwork she creates, holds and anchors a particular energy.

It is this unique energy-anchoring ability that allows Kirana to help companies manifest corporate values, mission statements and intentions. Your company’s principles can be transformed into colour and art which creates a particular energy with a brand that not only stands out from the crowd, but works on an energetic level to help your company succeed!

When you combine your company’s offerings with Kirana’s artistic skills a great opportunity is created to offer something very unique to your clients.

You can commission an artwork from Kirana of any size to anchor your specific statement into the artwork and you can display it in your foyer, office or boardroom. You can then use the image, photos/ photo fragments for your business cards, logos, websites, brochures, social media platforms and more.  Kirana will speak with you multiple times throughout the process and continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied. You will receive an artwork which you feel captures the essence of your business.

What Clients Are Saying About Kirana’s Artwork

“I needed an artwork for my book keeping business to use as a logo to truly reflect who I am and what I specifically bring to my business.

I commissioned Kirana Haag to a big artwork, so I could have it visible in my office at all times, and to have it encompass everything of me within my business. I would absolutely recommend Kirana’s work, because of the emotional connection I have been able to build to this personal artwork and the empowerment through that in my business.

I love all Kirana’s art and have been often torn to choose any particular one from her website. I have tried to pick one and was never able to do it. So it was a wonderful relief and very beautiful process to have an artwork pick me. “ – Mary, freelance bookkeeper.

“Running a yoga studio and holding room for my students journey asks that I function primarily on a very practical, grounded, day-to-day level, dealing with the minutiae of timetables, emails and invoicing. Kirana’s artwork which was created for the space in a seamless intuitive process, sits like a current of energy – constantly working away on that much deeper energetic level to support the space and the deeper work which happens within it” -Nancy, WA

Contact Kirana on 0448 446 466 to discuss your business needs and learn more about the commissioned art she creates for corporate clients.