These beautiful artworks specially channelled and created for you by Kirana can connect you to the web of divine love and anchor and support you as you travel, during times of transition and as you navigate unusual or unfamiliar situations.

Kirana will connect with you personally and create a special artwork that is both visually and energetically unique. These artworks are guided to hold the energy you most need.

Painted on beautiful Belgium linen in a size that is easily transported, with the intention of anchoring and supporting you in many different situations your artwork can help you create your own sanctuary and a feeling of being at home within, wherever you are.

While travelling, attending important meetings, setting up a temporary home or workplace, your artwork can be a personal altar holding space for the support you need and provide a focal point that can bring you comfort during important situations of major change.

Your artwork will transform with you and anchor the energy that can provide you with a sense of security, of home and hearth within. It can assist you to acknowledge your feelings and create the energy you would most like around you, help you to focus and set intentions and move forward with clarity and composure from this sense of connectedness.

You can meditate and focus on it visually, sleep or sit on it when you need energetic support, knowing the support you need is easily accessible and available to you as you are held in the field of divine love.

These artworks also make a unique and special gift. All Kirana needs is the name of the loved one you would like to provide with this profound gift.

Acrylic on Belgium linen, 25 x25 cm, $350

To commission one of these beautiful artworks for yourself or as a unique gift, contact Kirana: 0448 446 466, email