This new collection of artworks by Kirana invites us to connect to the memories we hold within our being in many different ways and which are all infinitely accessible.

Beyond the memories in our mind are cellular memories and emotional memories that also offer us access to knowledge.

“I first feel my artworks long before I can see them. I started this exhibition in March 2014, long before I knew where it would be held. It started with the artwork “It is you”.

Creating this collection of artworks was a journey of finding divine light, the web of divine light we cannot see.

My art needs to be felt. It is asking you to open your heart and to just feel.

The process for me to paint these artworks follows the same path. I feel my artworks first, long before I can see them. I take my paintbrush in my hand and start.

There are many parts of our souls that have not been embodied. My paintings offer the opportunity to connect all the parts of our soul.

It is not so important to know each of these parts intellectually, but to really feel them coming together, sitting in a circle and each one feeling welcome, loved and needed. I invite you to gather them in a circle around the fireplace and bring them more fully into this reality.

Making space within ourselves, forgetting and letting go in our mind is very desirable in this process.

My artworks invite you to fully feel and fill the space by fully feeling what is there.

As the intellectual processing falls away, Light is revealed.