In addition to offering original artworks for sale and specially commissioned artworks for individuals and businesses, Kirana is available for unique Colour Readings.

Kirana is clairvoyant and clairsentient. All her life she has seen and felt angels and guides, colours, pictures and energies around people and in the environment.

Using a combination of Aura-Soma, Light Carrier Oracle cards, artwork and her clairvoyant gifts, Kirana can provide you with an individual colour reading.

Where are you at now? What is most important for you at this point in your journey? What are the next steps you should take for the future?

By simply choosing the colours you connect with most during a consultation with Kirana you can receive guidance on these questions and learn more about yourself, your deeper personality, your journey, your life’s foundations and way of expressing into the world.

To book a reading contact Kirana: 0448 446 466

IMG-20160617-WA0000 (2) ColourWheel