If you’re hosting an event in the near future why not use artwork to add something special and unique to the event by creating an atmosphere that supports the aim of your event!

Kirana Haag is a unique, full-time, Sydney-based artist. Kirana’s art is unique in that each artwork she creates, holds and anchors a particular energy.

Kirana’s original artworks are available to rent. You will find something suitable from her wide collection for any size and type of event.

Bringing art into your event can help you achieve the environment and atmosphere you are seeking to create.

Displaying artwork in a space not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing, it can also add vibrancy, professionalism, and improve the participant’s experience.

Art greatly affects the atmosphere of a room

Art affects everyone who sees it in one way or another. Colour is known to greatly influence human emotion and behaviour, to evoke emotional and behavioural responses in people.

Art has been shown to increase efficiency, productivity, motivation and creativity. Displaying artwork can inspire and unlock creative potential, helping to generate innovative ideas.

Artwork at your event can improve the participant’s experience by helping people connect and feel comfortable, experience pleasure and fun, evoke feelings of peace or contentment or inject energy and add personality, stimulate inspiration.

Art can be used to promote your brand and convey your organisation’s message, values and intentions

Kirana’s unique energy-anchoring ability via her artworks can help manifest and visually display your organisation’s values, mission statements and intentions.

Why not use artwork to help create a really unique event

By choosing art for your event that energetically and visually reflects the feelings and responses you would like to generate at your event you can increase the chances of achieving your desired outcomes, to maximize the potential of the space to create a really successful event. You can create an environment that really stands out and works on an energetic level.

Kirana’s art has been featured at the annual She Business “Fearless” event at Luna Park in Sydney. Her art helped to fill the space with vibrant energy, to bring the attendees and their businesses courage, inspiration and success for the coming year. The paintings selected were high-energy and vibrant in order to add to the change-making, fearless vibe of this event.

If you would like to view the artworks Kirana has available, learn more about the stories behind her artworks or take advantage of a free consultation to discuss the atmosphere you would like to create at your event contact Kirana: 0448 446 466, art_healing