Carrying your knowledge,

Carrying your story


Carrying your experience,

You are stepping forward,

Shining the Light,


For others to follow

For others to learn,

From your Heart.



I am a transformational artist because my purpose on earth is to help people connect with themselves and with each other.

I do that through my art by feeling into the space the artwork will be hanging in as well as by feeling and listening to the people who commission this particular artwork.

I have the ability to see colours and abstract images around people and places and to feel how we all react to these energies intuitively.

This is what I capture through my art and that is the reason artworks take time, since there are always many layers to people and spaces.

Once all the layers are captured the artwork is complete.

While only the top layer is visible we always feel each layer in its depth, even if we are not always aware of it.

In a commission artwork that means it is functioning like a supportive and gentle mirror. And with that reflection of all our layers the artwork creates a portal of unconditional love.


I met with Danita and Laurence for lunch while on holiday in Tasmania.

They had recently moved to their new home and had just started the journey to feel at home there.

They wanted their artwork to further support that by anchoring them in their new chosen home. They wished the artwork to hold sparkling energy, the energy of a fresh start, an arrival and of feeling settled. After many years of being nomads, they wanted the feeling of being at home, the ease of financial freedom and security and enriching connections with the people around them.

They wanted the artwork to connect them to the elements surrounding them, especially their very loved ocean view. They wanted a forward stepping of their energy while being settled at the same time.

These wishes formed the foundation for the artwork.




When I start an artwork these words are written onto the canvas in many different colours, building the foundation as well as the whole rainbow of colours surrounding us to support our life purpose.


As the layers are built upon this foundation the artwork continually transforms until it is complete. The initial layers which came through working for two people in a whole new space were very different to the completed piece that is now visible and fulfils their wishes.



Their words for their new artwork when they entered their lounge room and saw it hanging in the space for the first time were: “Amazing”, “It makes us smile” and “It makes the room so much lighter”.