First Steps to Belonging



First, I will meet with you in the space intended for your artwork, to get a sense of context, connection – and the colours that speak to you. Whether you want art for your home or workplace, I deeply and intuitively listen to your needs and desires, considering the inside and outside spaces, and the people you live or work with.

This highly personalised process allows me to create art that’s as individual as you are.

My Aim is Always:


How can I be of service to the space and those who live and work in it?

Your Journey of Co-Creation


“I am here to bring beauty and love through my art, and my commission work is an intensely collaborative process. While working with me you are involved in the full experience of creating your personalised artwork, before and during its creation. I work artistically and spiritually, capturing the entire essence of you and your space. I listen intently, using my inner eyes to see, and by hearing and feeling clearly, I make the invisible visible. This way, we create an artwork that will grow with you.


“Once your artwork is complete and delivered to you, I invite you to feel your artwork and decide: Does this really feel like my artwork and is it right for me? If your answer is yes, our work together has been successful. If not – and you have decided within the agreed seven days – I will start your artwork anew. The initial artwork will always find its right owner in one of my many exhibitions.” – Kirana Haag

Art for your personal space


Imagine an artwork that creates a retreat where you feel safe, loved, connected and at ease. A place where you can find the peace to revitalise and rejuvenate. Let me create an intensely individual artwork for your home and personal space.

Curious about a commission?


Contact me to discover how she can create an artwork that tells YOUR story.

Call her on 0448 446 466 or email:

“I invite you to book a complimentary consultation to discuss the atmosphere you wish to create through art. Let’s schedule a meeting and walk-through of your space. I look forward to connecting with you.” – Kirana Haag