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The energy

Has shapeshifted

And meandered around

Washing away

Layer by layer,

Gentle and strong

At once

Moving through

Sadness and exhilaration,

Hot anger and

The protection of the heart.



What is left now is

freedom and pure joy

under the vast blue sky

with the wind

in your hair

while you

jump the boulders.


Kirana Haag


This brand new work embodies the importance of allowing space for feelings of anger and revenge, but at the same time not to act on them.


The process I describe above can also happen quietly while creating art. This work is infused with that energetic journey, resulting in a piece that depicts joy triumphing over anger. That’s not the same as repressing anger, or putting a lid on it. You have to go through the anger to get to the place of joy.


This work represents that transformation, the shape-shifting of energy, through feelings of unfairness and sadness, red hot anger and self-protective boundaries of the colour orange… all gradually washed away, layer by layer.


You are now left feeling freedom and pure joy under the vast, protective blue sky – with the wind in your hair while you jump the boulders.


The red and orange of the boulders remind us to stop, change and transform.

They also represent the solid support you may need at times like this; a partner, teacher, or healer – they offer strong yet gentle comfort.


When we allow ourselves to channel our anger safely, and not vent it towards others or turn it on ourselves, it offers a powerful transformative energy within us. From that place, true healing can occur.

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