The Essence of What I Carry With Me

Already in my early childhood I have felt my home is Australia. More than 20 years, I have lived and travelled now in Australia, North and East, West and South, and I know, Australia is my home.

Nevertheless do I carry my childhood and beginning of adulthood in Germany within me. They are part of my soul and my expression; my Europe expresses through my artworks and in the way I am in this world, as much as you will always hear, that English is my second language.

Four years ago my father passed away and I was fortunate enough to be able to “carry” his drawing table back home with me, the drawing table that used to be my grandfather’s.

This professional architect drawing table is now my studio table; it is probably around 100 years old. It is built of solid wood and had a special protection layer on it, yellowed with age and the many years of working on it. Most of my artworks are created on this table and all my students create their works on it.

Over these last months I could see this series of works, my “familiar stories” grow on this paper.
I could see the artworks completed in my dreams.

As always did it take many months of work I feel the works coming alive under my hands.