Something that always amazes me is the unlikely places to find an opportunity for art.  My latest commissioned painting was one of those stories.

I was at a 3-day business workshop learning about the marketing side of small business. It was a course designed to help you identify your core business and focus your marketing and selling on that core.

The course itself was meant to inspire me and teach me the great way to market softly, but somehow as the day arrived to attend I was highly stressed and started to question if it was really going to help me as an artist. I was struggling to understand the pre-course material and really couldn’t relate to many of the questions.

The students at the course were a really diverse group of small business owners and professionals. During the course everyone had to introduce themselves and outline their goals and achievements. Every time we gave a presentation we would get feedback from the rest of the group.

At one stage we paired off and had to explain every facet of what we do in our business. It was fascinating to learn so much about another business, I really enjoyed it!

So there we were, the immigration lawyer and the artist: I started my presentation with showing some of my images from my book and she really connected to one of the images. So what started as an exercise quickly turned into the sale of one of my artworks.  

Who knew the business course would help my business so quickly?!?  🙂

Back to the beautiful immigration lawyer . . . The idea of having an artwork precisely tailored to her needs and desires spoke to her even more than buying a finished artwork.  The painting in the image above is the finished work created in the exact measurements she wants for her room, energized with the symbols and energy of what she loves to feel and be reminded of. 

I feel so blessed to be able to offer my art in such a way.

With love

Kirana Haag