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    Art Sales Representative – Artwork

    Sydney Based
    Monthly retainer, plus commission on all artworks sold


    Do you thrive on challenge, are highly driven and self-motivated?

    I’m a full time International artist based in Balmain, Sydney.

    I’m seeking a Sales Professional to join my team to represent and sell my artwork, and enhance its value within the market.

    If you see the benefits that come with connecting the perfect piece of art(work) to the perfect person or business, to enhance their space and wellbeing through beauty and form, I would like to meet you!

    Ideally you will have;

    experience working in Sales, Marketing, Art management
    A desire to achieve great results for clients, my business and yourself
    An understanding of what it is to connect a piece of art with its rightful owner
    A desire to introduce my art and generate art business leads with people who value and are seeking art

    You will be responsible for;

    Showing artwork from my Studio
    Identifying sales opportunities
    Connecting with businesses that may benefit from my artwork within their space
    Client sales, invoicing and payment processing

    If you feel this opportunity calls you forth, please contact me to arrange a meeting and we’ll take it from there.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Phone: 0448 446 466

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  • We Shine the Light




    Carrying your knowledge,

    Carrying your story


    Carrying your experience,

    You are stepping forward,

    Shining the Light,


    For others to follow

    For others to learn,

    From your Heart.



    I am a transformational artist because my purpose on earth is to help people connect with themselves and with each other.

    I do that through my art by feeling into the space the artwork will be hanging in as well as by feeling and listening to the people who commission this particular artwork.

    I have the ability to see colours and abstract images around people and places and to feel how we all react to these energies intuitively.

    This is what I capture through my art and that is the reason artworks take time, since there are always many layers to people and spaces.

    Once all the layers are captured the artwork is complete.

    While only the top layer is visible we always feel each layer in its depth, even if we are not always aware of it.

    In a commission artwork that means it is functioning like a supportive and gentle mirror. And with that reflection of all our layers the artwork creates a portal of unconditional love.


    I met with Danita and Laurence for lunch while on holiday in Tasmania.

    They had recently moved to their new home and had just started the journey to feel at home there.

    They wanted their artwork to further support that by anchoring them in their new chosen home. They wished the artwork to hold sparkling energy, the energy of a fresh start, an arrival and of feeling settled. After many years of being nomads, they wanted the feeling of being at home, the ease of financial freedom and security and enriching connections with the people around them.

    They wanted the artwork to connect them to the elements surrounding them, especially their very loved ocean view. They wanted a forward stepping of their energy while being settled at the same time.

    These wishes formed the foundation for the artwork.




    When I start an artwork these words are written onto the canvas in many different colours, building the foundation as well as the whole rainbow of colours surrounding us to support our life purpose.


    As the layers are built upon this foundation the artwork continually transforms until it is complete. The initial layers which came through working for two people in a whole new space were very different to the completed piece that is now visible and fulfils their wishes.



    Their words for their new artwork when they entered their lounge room and saw it hanging in the space for the first time were: “Amazing”, “It makes us smile” and “It makes the room so much lighter”.




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  • “A never ending hug”



    At first my steps are slow and hesitant, I don’t really know the way, I can only feel it. I can feel it in my heart and there it is clear, in myself I have already walked this path. I have heard this call to walk for a long time, but it never seemed right, or maybe I was never brave enough.

    Tonight though the call is urgent, I need to go right now without delay. So I am walking, taking one step after the other, my mind trying to make sense, going in circles, my heart skipping and sometimes missing a beat, then restarting in a new rhythm.

    It is dark and I cannot see much, the bright flowers from the day are reduced to subtle shades, moving with the soft wind of the night. I can hear the night birds calling, gentle calls of recognition and belonging. They are calm. It seems they know what is about to happen. I keep walking, more sure now, getting used to the way, to the rhythm of my feet and the irregularity of my heart.

    Nearly invisible first, but after moments of wondering I am becoming sure, there is a light, an opening. The silvery light of the moon becoming visible.

    Now I am running, my heart so fast. I am here. There are you. It is you!

    Mixed media on Belgian linen, 122 x 195 cm, POA.

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  • Art is a very important aspect for healing in hospital environments



    Art has been used throughout history and by our ancestors for healing.

    Art can be used on your body or you can lie on art or be wrapped in it for healing.

    When a child is sick there are also in addition to the illness many other distressing aspects to this situation, such as high tension, separation, fear…..

    Art can help the child stay connected to their family when they are away from home. The child can have a small artwork to take with them when hospitalised.

    People spend a lot of time in waiting rooms and impersonal bland places when there is somebody they love in hospital. Imagine if there was a shared room with beautiful colours, soft cushions, arm chairs for leaning into and well chosen artworks in the hospital.

    Imagine the colour you would use to describe that room. What colours would this room have for you? That is the base for the artwork you are looking for.

    When you visit your child you can take your child “to this room” by having a small version of the artwork with you, having it next to their bed and sharing their favourite meal or drink with them.

    Or if a room like that actually and physically exists in the hospital, your child’s artwork can be part of the big artwork in hospital. Where that is not possible, it could be small artworks that can be taken with them to their bed that carry the same feeling.

    The same can be created for a disabled child you are caring for at home. A room/space that is their sanctuary or where you can go together and come back to your centre.



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  • The Opening of the Heart



    Version 2


    This artwork was first created in 2013 and had a strong connection to the heart chakra.

    Since then it has mainly been based in Peru and also travelled on different healing journeys to a number of other places. During that time it’s power and vibrance had been changing into a much paler pallet, the artwork as it was has done what it was there for.

    This year it was brought back to Australia and has had a fresh new layer added. It is now again shiny and strong, with a renewed radiant expression.  The emission of light has found a new way of expression, a fine and subtle energy to open the heart and discern what is crucial and vital for our journey.

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  • Artwork helps create a really unique atmosphere for your event



    If you’re hosting an event in the near future why not use artwork to add something special and unique to the event by creating an atmosphere that supports the aim of your event!

    Kirana Haag is a unique, full-time, Sydney-based artist. Kirana’s art is unique in that each artwork she creates, holds and anchors a particular energy.

    Kirana’s original artworks are available to rent. You will find something suitable from her wide collection for any size and type of event.

    Bringing art into your event can help you achieve the environment and atmosphere you are seeking to create.

    Displaying artwork in a space not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing, it can also add vibrancy, professionalism, and improve the participant’s experience.

    Art greatly affects the atmosphere of a room

    Art affects everyone who sees it in one way or another. Colour is known to greatly influence human emotion and behaviour, to evoke emotional and behavioural responses in people.

    Art has been shown to increase efficiency, productivity, motivation and creativity. Displaying artwork can inspire and unlock creative potential, helping to generate innovative ideas.

    Artwork at your event can improve the participant’s experience by helping people connect and feel comfortable, experience pleasure and fun, evoke feelings of peace or contentment or inject energy and add personality, stimulate inspiration.

    Art can be used to promote your brand and convey your organisation’s message, values and intentions

    Kirana’s unique energy-anchoring ability via her artworks can help manifest and visually display your organisation’s values, mission statements and intentions.

    Why not use artwork to help create a really unique event

    By choosing art for your event that energetically and visually reflects the feelings and responses you would like to generate at your event you can increase the chances of achieving your desired outcomes, to maximize the potential of the space to create a really successful event. You can create an environment that really stands out and works on an energetic level.

    Kirana’s art has been featured at the annual She Business “Fearless” event at Luna Park in Sydney. Her art helped to fill the space with vibrant energy, to bring the attendees and their businesses courage, inspiration and success for the coming year. The paintings selected were high-energy and vibrant in order to add to the change-making, fearless vibe of this event.

    If you would like to view the artworks Kirana has available, learn more about the stories behind her artworks or take advantage of a free consultation to discuss the atmosphere you would like to create at your event contact Kirana: 0448 446 466, art_healing


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  • “If I forget, I will feel you”



    This new collection of artworks by Kirana invites us to connect to the memories we hold within our being in many different ways and which are all infinitely accessible.

    Beyond the memories in our mind are cellular memories and emotional memories that also offer us access to knowledge.

    “I first feel my artworks long before I can see them. I started this exhibition in March 2014, long before I knew where it would be held. It started with the artwork “It is you”.

    Creating this collection of artworks was a journey of finding divine light, the web of divine light we cannot see.

    My art needs to be felt. It is asking you to open your heart and to just feel.

    The process for me to paint these artworks follows the same path. I feel my artworks first, long before I can see them. I take my paintbrush in my hand and start.

    There are many parts of our souls that have not been embodied. My paintings offer the opportunity to connect all the parts of our soul.

    It is not so important to know each of these parts intellectually, but to really feel them coming together, sitting in a circle and each one feeling welcome, loved and needed. I invite you to gather them in a circle around the fireplace and bring them more fully into this reality.

    Making space within ourselves, forgetting and letting go in our mind is very desirable in this process.

    My artworks invite you to fully feel and fill the space by fully feeling what is there.

    As the intellectual processing falls away, Light is revealed.

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  • Artwork for Business Branding

    "Moments of Silence", 152 x 98cm, acrylic on linen


    Kirana Haag is a unique artist based in Sydney, Australia. Kirana’s art is unique in that each artwork she creates, holds and anchors a particular energy.

    It is this unique energy-anchoring ability that allows Kirana to help companies manifest corporate values, mission statements and intentions. Your company’s principles can be transformed into colour and art which creates a particular energy with a brand that not only stands out from the crowd, but works on an energetic level to help your company succeed!

    When you combine your company’s offerings with Kirana’s artistic skills a great opportunity is created to offer something very unique to your clients.

    You can commission an artwork from Kirana of any size to anchor your specific statement into the artwork and you can display it in your foyer, office or boardroom. You can then use the image, photos/ photo fragments for your business cards, logos, websites, brochures, social media platforms and more.  Kirana will speak with you multiple times throughout the process and continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied. You will receive an artwork which you feel captures the essence of your business.

    What Clients Are Saying About Kirana’s Artwork

    “I needed an artwork for my book keeping business to use as a logo to truly reflect who I am and what I specifically bring to my business.

    I commissioned Kirana Haag to a big artwork, so I could have it visible in my office at all times, and to have it encompass everything of me within my business. I would absolutely recommend Kirana’s work, because of the emotional connection I have been able to build to this personal artwork and the empowerment through that in my business.

    I love all Kirana’s art and have been often torn to choose any particular one from her website. I have tried to pick one and was never able to do it. So it was a wonderful relief and very beautiful process to have an artwork pick me. “ – Mary, freelance bookkeeper.

    “Running a yoga studio and holding room for my students journey asks that I function primarily on a very practical, grounded, day-to-day level, dealing with the minutiae of timetables, emails and invoicing. Kirana’s artwork which was created for the space in a seamless intuitive process, sits like a current of energy – constantly working away on that much deeper energetic level to support the space and the deeper work which happens within it” -Nancy, WA

    Contact Kirana on 0448 446 466 to discuss your business needs and learn more about the commissioned art she creates for corporate clients.

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  • Express your true self through colour


    Art Classes with International Artist Kirana Haag

    Imagine creating a parcel filled with all the wishes you have for yourself, then taking one special wish out and expressing the feeling of that wish as a reality that already exists through painting.

    Over a series of 6 weeks Kirana will take you on a journey using art as a tool to express yourself, let go and anchor the desired energy.

    Using acrylics or watercolour Kirana will guide you through:
    • Colour expression
    • Layering
    • Shadow and light
    • Viewing your artwork objectively

    During this time you can work on one or more artworks and will complete the 6 weeks with:

    • a finished artwork ready to frame
    • increased confidence in colour combinations
    • the enjoyment of expressing yourself creatively
    • having learned how to anchor & hold energy in a tangible piece of art you can continue to enjoy

    6 week course. Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm. 3rd Aug to 14th Sept. Cost $250.

    To enrol please contact Kirana:
    Mobile 0448 446 466
    Email: art_healing

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  • Commission a Personal Transitional Artwork

    These beautiful artworks specially channelled and created for you by Kirana can connect you to the web of divine love and anchor and support you as you travel, during times of transition and as you navigate unusual or unfamiliar situations.

    Kirana will connect with you personally and create a special artwork that is both visually and energetically unique. These artworks are guided to hold the energy you most need.

    Painted on beautiful Belgium linen in a size that is easily transported, with the intention of anchoring and supporting you in many different situations your artwork can help you create your own sanctuary and a feeling of being at home within, wherever you are.

    While travelling, attending important meetings, setting up a temporary home or workplace, your artwork can be a personal altar holding space for the support you need and provide a focal point that can bring you comfort during important situations of major change.

    Your artwork will transform with you and anchor the energy that can provide you with a sense of security, of home and hearth within. It can assist you to acknowledge your feelings and create the energy you would most like around you, help you to focus and set intentions and move forward with clarity and composure from this sense of connectedness.

    You can meditate and focus on it visually, sleep or sit on it when you need energetic support, knowing the support you need is easily accessible and available to you as you are held in the field of divine love.

    These artworks also make a unique and special gift. All Kirana needs is the name of the loved one you would like to provide with this profound gift.

    Acrylic on Belgium linen, 25 x25 cm, $350

    To commission one of these beautiful artworks for yourself or as a unique gift, contact Kirana: 0448 446 466, email


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