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  • 2016 promises to be pivotal

    The promise of spring


    2016 is promising to be a potent and pivotal year for Kirana. Kirana has been invited to exhibit at Agora Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery located in the center of New York’s Chelsea art district

    Kirana’s profile and featured artworks for sale have now been published on Agora’s ARTmine site. Please have a look at her profile and the beautiful pieces she has available at

    Kirana’s exhibition opens at the gallery on 20 May 2016, already less than five months away!! Of course you are all invited to join Kirana for this exciting event at this beautiful gallery

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  • What Art Does for Your Event

    “Under The Sign of the Sun”, 188cm x 117cm (framed); AUD 4500

    “Under The Sign of the Sun”, 188cm x 117cm (framed); AUD 4500


    I’m very excited to be bringing my art into today’s She Business “Fearless” event at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia.

    For this event, my intention (and that of the creators of this event) is for the energy of the art to bring the attendees and their businesses courage, inspiration and success in the coming year!  The paintings selected are high-energy and vibrant in order to add to the change-making, fearless vibe of this event.

    Bringing art into an event adds professionalism, pizzaz and will help to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

    If you’re hosting an event in the near future don’t hesitate to ask me how you can create an environment that supports the aim of your event!  Consultations are always free!  You can message me here or better yet email me at



    (The artwork in this picture is entitled, “Under the Sign of the Sun” and is one of the three on display at the “Fearless” Event on 2 December 2015.)

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  • Art & Aura-Soma

    This article is published in “Colour Magazine” for Aura-Soma Australia.

    Not so long ago I have received a very thrilling email from New York.  It read as follows, “With respect to your work, I am pleased to inform you that your colour saturated paintings with colour as the focal point of emotion, qualify for Agora Gallery representation”.

    "Intense Truth" 120 x 120

    “Intense Truth” 120 x 120 Kirana Haag Original

    I was dancing with happiness, my face not big enough for my smile, my body not able to contain the excitement and bliss flooding through me quietly.

    This is another important step towards my dream and my work on earth: to bring love and nurturing and beauty through art into the world. With art being one of many possible tools, to make visible what is often invisible, the fine web of divine love.

    I am known for the exceptional colours and the heart opening quality of my artworks and my words and some people call me the midwife of dreams.

    It is my dream to build stations all over the world with art reconnecting us to ourselves, reconnecting us to earth being our home right now, being a place filled with love and nurturing for all of us available at any time.

    All my life I have been an artist, but it became my profession through Aura Soma.

    I used to be an energetic healer and Aura Soma was one of my modalities I loved for the subtle and gentle way of healing and the colour and light it brought to my work. I would often use the colours my clients chose to create artworks expressing their inner beauty. Art was my own tool to rebalance and reconnect to myself, but also my way to show and express the beauty within every person, no matter how sick or unwell, when seeing me in my practice. More and more my art became part of my healing work. I started to integrate my art with the Equilibrium Bottles into the healing process; a mirror of what was visible on the soul plane of my clients.

    Slowly over a few years, my work shifted: clients would buy my artworks and I started my studies around art, not so much healing anymore. My life was changing, first quietly and slowly, like an undercurrent, but than dramatically: I was growing into an artist with healing abilities. For that I had to move from Broome, WA, to Sydney and commit myself fully and with enormous dedication to my art.


    “The Passion of Dressing Up” 33 x 89 Kirana Haag Original

    Today, when I start an artwork, I start it blindly. I feel the canvas I need to use, I see the colour I need to start with, I write the words of the energies needed to be visible through this particular artwork onto the canvas. That process I am repeating daily until I feel and hear and see, that the artwork is complete. When I have been able to create it as perfect as possible, I have been a channel, a feeling, hearing and seeing “phone line” with a paintbrush at the end of it to make visible, what was invisible.

    My artworks are the diaries of my inner eyes and ears; of the energies above and beyond this one reality we call the “real world”.

    It is the freedom to express very big and to be “loud”, to touch and to be real, I enjoy most in my art. Painting is for me a physical and ethereal process, a fast and strong dance with light. My art creates and holds a certain energy. With that, I am fulfilling my soul contract.

    And now I am able to take this work to New York. For that I am deeply grateful.

    Kirana Haag

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  • I Am Still Dreaming

    Kirana’s speech at the “I Am Still Dreaming” exhibition opening November 2015 

    "The Sound of the Full Moon"; 150cm x 200cm; mixed media on belgium linen; AUD 5900

    “The Sound of the Full Moon”; 150cm x 200cm; mixed media on belgium linen; AUD 5900

    A year ago I started the first artwork for this exhibition. It was a vortex of light, which is now glowing from behind the artwork shown here and entitled, “The Sound of the Full Moon.”

    While I was starting this artwork my father passed away.

    I had a very rocky relationship with him because we are so deeply connected. I have also many beautiful memories of my father, but one is like a treasure, it was the last time I saw him and he said;

    “I am very sorry I never understood you or saw you for who you are, but now I can. I see your need to be an artist and to be only that. You have my full support.”

    It was one of the defining moment for my art and for myself; a freedom I am more and more aware and in awe of.

    My ‘thank you’ to him is to spell our family name on my artworks from this point forward, which you will see on the latest works.

    This exhibition is balanced on two artworks, “Under the Sign of the Sun” and “The Sound of the Full Moon.” They bring the gift of balance, the one moment of rest and stillness when the scales meet at that perfect balance point.

    My art is like a strong and fast dance with light. This time, in my biggest artwork I have created so far, “The Sound of the Full Moon”, I had to learn to be still, to remain in balance and slowly, patiently come through the dark into the light.

    Most of the time I spent creating this artwork was a very exhausting process, it relentlessly used all my energy. Even my daughter Layla, came into my studio one morning and sighed, “Another layer?”

    Towards the end, the light came in and the bliss of finalizing this artwork was deeply rewarding, I had found in a nearly dream like state of painting day and night the surprise of light and colour within the dark. It was like finding a best-kept secret after a long journey.

    I hope you enjoy the art, the feeling it evokes in you and I hope you find the colour and the light within each artwork. Every piece carries the balancing point of stillness.

    The artworks are being exhibited the entire month of November 2015.  If you’d like to see the exhibition please visit:

    LikeART Gallery

    47 Norton St. Leichhardt, NSW Australia

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  • New York Exhibition Acceptance Letter!

    How exciting . . . We just received the ACCEPTANCE LETTER from the NEW YORK Gallery!!!!!

    Here’s what the Director of Agora Gallery had to say . . .

    Stepping into the New

    Stepping into the New

    “I am pleased to inform you that your color saturated paintings with color as the focal point of emotion, qualify for Agora Gallery representation to which a select number of artists are invited and to join our family of artists.

    I feel that your original stylistic expression will resonate well at Agora Gallery, with our art buyers, media contacts and our local and international viewing audience.

    I hope you will find it important to be a member of the New York fine art community.”

    ~ Angela, Director

    (Artwork was done by Kirana during the time she was waiting to hear from New York. Her words to describe the painting are, “Let go off old patterns and step into my new self smile emoticon

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  • Reflections from Open Studio ‘Strength & Vulnerability’

    Words from Kirana 

    Kirana Haag - Art Exhibition - Print-077

    Kirana sharing her story of Strength & Vulnerability

    “My usual nervousness settled in me, when so many of you arrived with smiles and interest and great open hearts and minds. From then on I felt like I was at a warm and very big “family gathering”, even though at the time of arrival I didn’t even know half of you beautiful people.

    I am very grateful to have been able to share this event with you and for the people who have not been able to attend, you can still visit my online exhibition and see a few of the photos. My special thanks goes to Peta Howlett for a fantastic venue and a great offer, to Tilly Ridette for an excellent and truly wonderful performance, to Tiz Porreca for her powerful and whirlwind-like ability to put an event together and make me feel like being in heaven for not having that load of work by myself, to Sabrina Domenosky for a wonderful and heartfelt introduction and all the sheer endless amount of practical and mental support and to many more, who have been helping me along my way.”

    Kirana’s Speech from the Open Studio

    Good afternoon. Thank you so much for coming, I am very thrilled to see you.

    Kirana with her son Julius

    Kirana with her son Julius

    As you may or may not have noticed on the invitation 10% of the proceeds of art sales tonight will go to Diamond Pregnancy Foundation.  I would like to share why I have decided to donate to Diamond Pregnancy.

    At the age of 16 I was one of those girls Diamond Pregnancy helps out. I was pregnant and my parents were absolutely against this pregnancy.  All I knew was a fierce inner urgency and clarity to give birth to this child I already felt so deeply connected to.

    It was the pure strength of that connection, which carried me through. Today and every day of my life I have been and am deeply grateful for that decision, because here is my son Julius, who is the creator of all the sculptural work, exhibiting today with me.

    The artworks I am exhibiting are from very different series and different times, but I feel the thread connecting them all is a related theme: it is strength and vulnerability.

     I am most strong, when I am allowing myself to be vulnerable. I am at my most vulnerable when I am opening myself to the channeling of art and create artworks I have no plan for. All these artworks, were not in my head, when I started them, I started with just one colour and one mark and from there they developed over days and through nights into the end result you can now see.

    As you are looking at the different pieces, I invite you to feel your own strength and vulnerability; feel if any of these artworks talk to this or any other aspect in your life. I really encourage you to open yourself to the art, to allow yourself to be overtaken by the colour and the movement in the artwork and sometimes when you are in that heart opened space, you really know, that this artwork is for you; it has been painted to remind you of yourself.

    Thank you.


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  • Rent Art for Your Next Event

    Kirana Haag’s artwork has recently been chosen to decorate the Embrace Life, Live Life 19Festivals and the ReWilding for Women events in Sydney, Australia.

    Here’s what the founder of ReWilding for Women had to say about renting art from Kirana:

    “Renting Art from Kirana Haag Was the Best Decision We Ever Made!  Her artwork completely shifted the energy at the event we were hosting.  It bought the attendees out of their heads and into their hearts which was the aim of the entire event.  The best part, all we had to do was tell Kirana the outcome we were looking for and she did the rest.  Saved us time and headaches.  The whole process was so simple.  We will most definitely be renting artwork from Kirana for future events!”

    Sabrina Domenosky – Founder of ReWilding for Women


    To enquire about renting art from Kirana please message email

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  • I Am Still Dreaming – Sydney Exhibition – November 2015

    IMG_5605 - Version 2


    Opening Night 7 November 2015, 4pm – 6pm

    Exhibition Continuing to 20 November 2015


    LikeART Gallery

    47 Norton Street Leichhardt NSW Australia


    I Am Still Dreaming by Kirana Haag

    I am still dreaming.

    I feel all the grooves the landscapes in my heart have left for me to revisit, to celebrate, to miss and love. I have travelled, I have welcomed and said many good byes, I have kissed and hugged and cried.

    These are my dreamscapes. I have come to paint my dreaming.

    Very much looking forward to seeing you at Opening Night!

    Much Love



    PS If you’re interested to meet with Kirana outside of Opening Night please message her to schedule a time as she’s happy to meet you there.

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  • Open Studio – “Strength & Vulnerability”


    Open Studio by International Artist Kirana Haag

    FREE Event 10 October. 4pm-6pm. Drummoyne.
    Food, wine, amazing art, a short artistic performance and more!

    RSVP at the Event Page by clicking HERE

    The seemingly opposites of our inner spectrum.
    The lightbulb moment for me came when I realised that it is one. When I allow myself to feel vulnerable I am at my strongest. It is also about the meeting and melting of female and male energies thriving to live in balance.

    10% of all proceeds will go to Diamond Pregnancy Support

    Hope to see you there

    Kirana Haag

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  • A Love Story Anchored by Art – Interview with Kirana Haag

    In this video Kirana delivers a commissioned artwork to a client and explains the process of channeling energy and creating the artwork. It’s a beautiful and amazing process.  Enjoy the artist secrets Kirana reveals!

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