Work With Me


Expansive, compassionate, seer of the truth in the light, a channel with a paintbrush. Kirana creates energy and transformation, emotion, beauty and the room to meet art from your heart.
She has exhibited all around the world and delivers not only work for purchase and rental, but also immersive art programs and personalised commissions.


One-on-one art coaching – in person or online – allows a deeper creative practice, free from the self-consciousness of group art classes.

In a safe space, you can freely be yourself and express your emotions through art and colour.


Each artwork created has a story and energy, just like the space its held in. Kirana creates art which puts a fingertip on your soul and reminds you where you are, where you’ve come from, who you yearn to be. Art that creates the space, holds it, becomes part of the fabric of the morning, an instant connection to home in the twilight.

Colour. Light. Connection.


For Kirana Haag, art is a tool to tap into the energy that surrounds us – and bring people together.

Kirana uses the ancient medium of art to create space for the art to meet you. The art is a mirror, you step closer, are pulled in.

Find yourself.



Her profile as an international transformational artist has a focus on belonging. Her acclaimed process challenges the souls she works with to explore the complexity of human relationships – whether in the workplace or their personal lives – with results that channel the power and significance of imaginings and ambitions.

In Kirana’s experienced hands, art and creation become a physical and mental challenge – motivating people to build stronger, more meaningful links that help discover new truths and vulnerabilities.


Find your own essence, deeply, without words. Know who you are and exactly where you belong.

And to whom.


“…There's something very warm inside it. I feel a little more complete when I'm near it…”

Col Eggins

``...I feel at home, inspired, alive and enlivened all at once, I want to take them home and get to know them individually, discovering bit by bit all the wisdom and magic they have to offer me…”

Nina Maudsley

“…the way you have expressed through your art the movement, the passage and the breakthroughs you have experienced...``

Alison Sothern