Meet Kirana Haag



Kirana was born in Germany and moved to Australia in 1996 where she is a full-time artist based in Sydney. Her profile as an international transformational artist has a focus on belonging. Painting for her is a physical and ethereal process, a fast and strong dance with light.

Kirana is clairvoyant and clairsentient, a channel with a paintbrush. Each of her artworks holds a specific energy. Her connection to the spirit of the land and sky and sea is ever present in her imagery. Each creation is a transformation of emotion, feelings and passion into images of beauty and light.

Look again, look much deeper and feel, for this is where the magic of her artwork lies. Let your mind wander and dance and swim in the pools of the emotions she creates.



We’re multi-layered, we yearn to be heard, we’re busy with busyness and aching for beauty, love, connection. I will lead you.



For Kirana Haag, art is a tool to tap into the energy that surrounds us – and bring people together. Her profile as an international transformational artist has a focus on belonging. In the corporate space, that focus helps team members collaborate cohesively with the spark that creative inspiration delivers. Her immersive art program is called The Art of Belonging – a unique corporate program that helps create greater empathy, compassion and respect, with participants able to build stronger, deeper relationships that make a difference.


Kirana Haag has been exhibited here in Australia, as well as overseas, in several solo and group shows. She has also been a finalist multiple art awards. Her artworks are available for purchase and rental and she offers collaborative, commissioned artworks. When not painting or teaching, she loses herself in the light and sounds of the water.

“I am Kirana Haag –

I work to showcase what the eyes of the artist sees. I bring life to unloved spaces and connection through immersive art programs with corporate teams. I see your energy, and where it needs something extra.

I work with humanity, with spirit, with those who long for the exquisite and those who know entanglement in art will change the very fabric of their relationships.”

Individuals. Corporations. Both with heart.



We have a story, we are poetry, moving through the space. We live on dreams, we thrive on air and space and light and texture. We want to be visible

Some Kind Words


“She welcomes me with a robust and firm hug, so filled with love that I immediately relax and know why I am here. Her house is beautiful, it feels so fresh and clear, not like white walls and polished surfaces, but clear like the ocean – soft, sparkly and full of energy. Directly, I am welcomed into her work space and help unwrap and hang one of her most striking pieces. We don’t talk about it just yet, we make fragrant tea and sip it from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cups as we chat in the courtyard…

I ask about the (her projects) and she tells me a little of her journey, her experience creating works both individually and in community. She talks about commissions and I am excited by art in a way I never have been before – how a specialised piece can have such a profound effect on its environment and the people within it is magic to my ears.

I had always felt that art was like wine, something I might never understand intellectually and possibly just way out of my league, yet Kirana served it to me like cake, a treat for my senses.

She teases me as her passion flows and she poses the question of what might happen if we placed these energy-filled artworks in court rooms or classrooms? How wonderfully profound this could be! “This is the future of art,” Kirana says, or is that just what I hear? She loves creating commissions for this reason and to me it feels like she is fuelled by the connection, the collaboration – it is like she is enabling people to create what they need and ultimately there is some kind of healing that takes place; beautiful. Kirana reminds me that we all want to be seen, by others, really, deeply, seen and also that art longs to be seen, to be experienced and felt in its entirety of layers.

I am honoured – Kirana takes me for a tour of her gallery and talks about her works, she shows me finished pieces, works for her next exhibition and canvases waiting for something more. As we talk about the pieces and how she creates them, I am encouraged to allow art to evolve rather than expecting I could create something in one sitting…

Some touch me more than others and all of them in different ways, but I am happy just simply standing in their presence, enjoying them and all the feelings that arise. I am drawn to them but cannot find words to articulate the experience, I liken it to being in a room full of crystals…

I feel nourished and filled up, I feel at home, inspired, alive and enlivened all at once, I want to take them home and get to know them individually, discovering bit by bit all the wisdom and magic they have to offer me…


Nina Maudslay