Aren’t we all art?



Through art, we can tell our stories and share our human experiences.

We all want to be visible. But we don’t want to be vulnerable. We hide behind masks and roles in our work and personal lives, conditioned to feel ‘not enough’.

I’m here to show you, through my art, that it’s safe to be wholly, vulnerably – YOU.

I am a visual storyteller, driven to bring your stories and feelings into being, to capture their essence, with colour on canvas.



Art is a remedy for these times of digital disconnect. By making our stories visible, art allows us to know and express ourselves. It weaves threads of heart connection between us and others.

My story

I have yearned for this deep heart connection my whole life.

Growing up in Germany, I felt mostly speechless. I struggled to express myself in words. Pictures and colours always came to me first. I soon discovered art allowed me to communicate direct from my heart, without detouring via my brain to find words.

How did I end up in Australia?

From the time I first saw pictures of it in a world book as a child, I knew I had to be here. For a long time, I had no idea how to make that happen. Then in my late 20s, I met a Western Australia couple in Germany, who casually said, “If you’re ever in Australia, come visit”.

I booked my flight the next week.
At the time, I was a single mother with a young son. But still, we made the journey, settling in Broome.
With my background in nursing, naturopathy and homeopathy, I started my own natural health practice, which lasted 10 years.
In that time, I had 2 more children – and I kept painting. Art was my outlet. Wherever I lived, I always had a studio, where I painted for my own balance and self-expression.

Slowly, art took over.

My first naturopathy clients bought my works because they fell in love with them. So, it made sense to do more art. At the same time, I felt ready to leave Broome, with my children, for new challenges.
Sydney was an obvious choice, with its rugged coastline, beautiful light and vivid blues and greens.

Feeling at home at last, I jumped into the deep end with art.

My adventure continues, as I exhibit my works regularly, and pursue ongoing training at the National Art School.

I also travel regularly, and always have, collecting colours and image-stories for my work. I prefer remote places, to fully immerse myself in painting for as long as possible, sometimes months.

I recently spent 3 months on a tiny Greek island doing just that. My simple existence there – stripped of any distractions – opens a richer connection to my inner world; a connection within myself that allows my paintings to emerge strongly; at the same time in a raw, vulnerable way.

My art is a culmination of a broad lived experience – mistakes, successes, sorrows, joys and love. The human and the divine – something beyond each of us on this Earth.

I find the beauty in all of it and capture it on canvas.

Artist statement

Want to read more about my journey and my approach?



When I paint, I flow with the artwork and let it create itself. In this highly intuitive process, I allow space for the art to reveal the colours, composition, layers and energy it needs to embody your desired feelings. I let light and shade take shape and work on having the colours exactly right, the same way a writer finds just the right words.

Only my years of experience allows me to trust this process, so I can create original artworks you won’t see elsewhere.

My gift is helping you express yourself with art, for a greater sense of belonging and to transform where you live and work.

I do this through my corporate art programs, commissions, art lessons, and artworks for purchase.

Some Kind Words


“I am drawn to [the works] but cannot find words to articulate the experience… I feel nourished and filled up, I feel at home, inspired, and enlivened all at once. I want to take them home and get to know them individually, discovering bit by bit all the wisdom and magic they have to offer me…”

– Nina Maudslay